2020 Reading Report

To say 2020 was an interesting year, is an understatement. So many things happened that I won’t even bother to try and recap, you know how it’s been.

One way that it did affect me though, on the front of reading, is that for a long while 2020 severely limited me away from my beloved coffee shop routine, especially on weekends. It’s there, in places around town, that I would regularly fulfill my bit of reading each weekend. I didn’t break my streaks, I just had to change where I read. During the spring and into the first parts of summer, it turned into reading on my patio. Benefit for that was I was home and could enjoy a beer with it. Perks!

That said, I felt it a good time to review my reading goals for 2020 and then also my revised reading goals and see where I actually hit, and where I just didn’t because of shifting moods or newer purchases. All in all, I reached my goal to read 25, based on what I’ve officially tracked at GoodReads.

All links are just to my sibling domain where I do my book reading tracking.

Planned and Read

Score: 6 out of 20.

Of the 20 that I highlighted as being eyed, I only read the following 6 books.

Unplanned and read

Score: 3 out of 25

Of the 25 that I had remaining, I ended up reading these 3 as well.

Unplanned and read and purchased in 2020

Score: 16 out of ?

That leaves having read 16 books that I didn’t even have at the start of the year that I felt compelled to read

In conclusion

Trying to plan, unless you’re really good at sticking to moods set out at the very start of a year, is stupid. Just read next what you feel like at the end of your last book. That said, I should probably try to map out 2021.


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