Book management

As one has likely identified, I haven’t really kept up with content on this domain, and that’s my fault. That’s not to say that I haven’t kept myself busy on the reading front.

I am still managing to read a little bit each weekend, meaning my streak has been ongoing since the second half of 2018 when I first started. Writing, not so much though I usually have ideas of some sorts that I want to get fleshed out and into longer narratives.

That said, I have also taken it upon myself during the very hectic 2020 to create my own, of sorts, GoodReads. It’s all hosted over at https://apiratelifefor.me/books/ and I am basically keeping track of my activity the exact same way as I was on GoodReads itself.

There are still rough edges that I want to get handled sometime, but the core essential functionality is there.

Why recreate?

Good question, why would I want to recreate functionality that already exists. Essentially two reasons.

  1. Data ownership.
  2. Breaking away from some amounts of Amazon affiliates.

I wanted to “own” my data around my book and reading habits, and I couldn’t do that well or at all with all the information being in their database. Secondly, and while I most definitely do still end up buying through Amazon quite a lot, I am trying to cut back on some technical aspects, and GoodReads is very much owned by Amazon themselves.

Alternatively, I’ve also recently joined https://bookhype.com/ which is a non-self-hosted alternative to GoodReads, and because in a way it’s nice to stick it to the man still. My primary go-to is still my own domain.

Anything I should know about your book chest?

No, probably not, except for the first listed at the link are going to be the most recently edited. I’m also taking photos of the books myself so if you don’t see an image, it means it’s not owned yet.

Now, to just get something actually written that isn’t non-fiction or blog posts.

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